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      National service hotline0769-38895658
      1 2 3 4
      National unified service hotline:0769-38895658-202
      Thanks to the following strategic partners for their long-term support for
      Yuan Tai  for more than ten years.
      Thanks to the following strategic partners for our support
      • Superflower
      • Seasonic
      • Quanhan Power
      • Huntkey
      • Liteon
      • CHIGO
      • ACBEL

      Product center


      National Advisory Hotline

      Yuan Tai Products 6 advantages

      Selected raw materials, source control quality!

      Based in Yutaitang Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town,
      Dongguan City, China World Factory Production Base

      Technology research and development using frequency conversion and microcomputer program control
      Extremely automated equipment

      Strictly passed the certification of
      international standards UL, CSA, JQA and ISO9001-2000

      Decades of production experience with wire and cable
      To meet the different needs of customers

      Production of professional US standard wire and cable
      Provide you with a reasonable cable solution

      Perfect after-sales service system
      Let you buy the rest assured, use the peace of mind

      Yuantai Electric's own R&D factory, excellent team production line

      15 years of focus on wire and cable production, OEM OEM, the strength of the factory;

      Yuantai Electric is one of the domestic excellent cable manufacturers, serving customers all over the world;

      Using frequency conversion and microcomputer program control, the equipment is highly automated;

      Can significantly improve the efficiency of wire outlets and improve the quality of cable outlets.

      Yuantai Electric Industry Application Technology Center, strong research and development capabilities

      With more than 30 senior scientific and technical personnel, decades of management and management experience;

      It has a monthly output of 350 tons of wire, tinned, stranded wire, high-speed extrusion equipment;

      The use of Taiwan-Taiwan copper greatly reduces the electrical resistivity, and the outer skin uses silver-tantalum plastic, which greatly improves the service life in the later period.

      It is especially professional for the production of American-standard cables. The products are strictly controlled by senior engineers who have been working for many years from design to production, ensuring normal use after arriving at the customer site.

      Selected materials, the source controls every quality link to ensure high quality

      The company has passed IS0 quality management system certification, domestic advanced production technology, and high stability of product batches;

      Adopt automated, scientific and systematic manufacturing processes to meet the different needs of customers;

      Innovative spirit to provide customers with quality products and services and work together with customers to create a better future.

      Each process undergoes strict checks to ensure zero rate of customer site assembly.

      360° perfect service system, let you cooperate really worry-free
      • pre-sale service: Professional customer service team, one-on-one housekeeping order production follow-up, 7*24 hour quick response, let you worry;
      • In-sale service: Long-term cooperation with customers to provide quality wire, professional logistics team, to ensure timely delivery;
      • After sales service: The product supports on-site acceptance, product quality problems, and unconditional return. Regular return visits give you peace of mind.
      • Service Hotline: 0769-38895658-202
      Cooperation with  Yuan Tai

      General process

      Unified national service hotline

      Consult now

      Yuan Tai's 100% effort,only 100 points for your satisfaction

      Real case, make your choice more assured!

      Yuan TaiProduct development technology center,strong strength

      R&D team with more than ten years of product excellence
      About us

      Dongguan Yuantai Electric Co., Ltd. was established in March 2002 with a total investment of 5 million US dollars. The factory is located in Yutaitang Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of 25,000 square meters and employs more than 1,800 people. It specializes in producing electronic wires, cable ...

      More+ Advisory
      Specializing in the production of wire harnesses, connecting cables,
      wire and cable, DC, Cable products

      Every time we stand in the customer's perspective, we provide you with the most reasonable solution! !

      National Advisory Hotline
      Electronic connector reliability test and test method thereof
      Electronic connector reliability test and test method thereof

      In a variety of military aircraft and weaponry, the amount of electrical connectors is large, especially the amount of electrical connectors used on aircraft is extremely large. Generally...

      查看詳情 >>
      Frequently Asked Questions
      From the incoming raw materials to the finished product, the cable must pass 28 tests.
      Some merchants say that the resistance is the national standard line, and other aspects are not guaranteed to be tested. Such wires and cables must be carefully selected. Because the wire and cable...
      Electronics: Why? – EMI problems with cable connections are important!
      In some product design applications, we will encounter EMI problems with cable connections;I compare the EMI-radiation theory of PCB and cable to compare:A. PCB traces form radiation proble...
      [Cable] What are the tests for the five major types of wires and cables? What certifications are obtained?
      China's wire and cable products are of low qualityAn institution has conducted surveys on domestic wire and cable. The results show that the pass rate of the wire and cable that is ISO9000 certif...
      Introduction of electronic components
      There are many types of electronic components, and new products are also emerging. Here are some of the most commonly used types of electronic components and their classification methods. Electroni...
      Grasp every process and do every product >>>>>>>>
      Improve after-sales service quality and improve customer satisfaction

      Survive by quality, develop by credit, meet contract requirements and potential needs!

      National Advisory Hotline

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